Creative Careers for Introverts

Introvert using creativity in work

It is a common misconception that all people who are introverts lack people skills. In fact, introverts can have excellent interpersonal skills; however, they generally prefer to work on solo endeavors that require quiet reflection. If you are an introvert who is looking into your career choices, consider a job that emphasizes solo projects, rather than team projects.

In addition, introverts often prefer to do work they find meaningful and personally fulfilling. This is because they derive value from the work itself, rather than from interactions with colleagues. The following career choices can fit both of these criteria.

Grant Writer

Grant writing is an ideal career for an introvert who desires meaningful work. Grant writers work for nonprofit organizations. They are responsible for researching databases to identify relevant funding opportunities. These professionals then put together a formal grant proposal that requests funding to support the organization’s mission. Here is a fictitious example:

Elena is a grant writer working with a nonprofit that strives to connect children to enriching afterschool activities. She types up a grant proposal that requests $25,000 from XYZ Foundation. In her proposal, Elena outlines the mission of the nonprofit, the specific programs it offers and exactly how the funds would be spent to further that mission. Elena emphasizes the positive impact on the community.

Grant writers help charities continue their important missions, so typically they find their responsibilities to be very meaningful work. In addition, grant writing is typically a solitary endeavor. It requires excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. Many grant writers work full-time for nonprofits, while others work on a freelance or contractual basis for several different nonprofits. Often, this can be a work-from-home position.


Copywriting is another creative career for introverts that presents a lot of opportunity. Copywriters work for marketing agencies or advertising departments within larger companies. They may also work on a freelance basis, often from the comfort of their own homes. Copywriters are responsible for producing sales copy that promotes a company’s products or services. This copy might be anything from a blog post to a billboard or magazine ad.

This job often does require some collaborative group work. For example, a copywriter might attend a brainstorming session or speak directly with clients. However, the bulk of a copywriter’s job is typically solo work. In addition, this job often enables workers to exercise their creativity.

Graphic Designer

Many creative introverts are drawn to the graphic design field. This fun and rewarding career involves developing visual imagery for the purpose of conveying a message. For example, many graphic designers work in the advertising and sales industry. In this capacity, they may design company logos, advertisements, web pages, brochures and signs. Some graphic designers work in publishing. They may design book covers for publishing houses and self-published authors, or they might design magazine covers and illustrations.

Graphic design is, for the most part, a solitary pursuit. However, graphic designers may be called upon to meet with clients, either in-person or virtually, and they may need to collaborate in small groups. Graphic designers might also need to interact with copywriters to develop a company’s preferred look for its visual images.


Screenwriters write the scripts for movies. Often, screenwriters will develop their own ideas and write their own scripts. In other cases, a screenwriter might be hired to write a script for a movie idea that someone else developed, or they might be hired to adapt a novel into a movie. Screenwriting requires a great deal of creativity and strong writing skills. 

This creative career is ideal for introverts, as most of the work is completed on a solo basis. However, screenwriters do need to get comfortable with the idea of pitching movie ideas to executives. Note, however, that most screenwriters have agents. These agents act as points of liaison between screenwriters and movie executives. A good agent can help a screenwriter become more comfortable with pitch meetings and finding opportunities for meaningful work.

Video Game Designer

The video game industry is booming.* This means there are exciting possibilities for creative introverts who are interested in getting their proverbial foot in the door. If you have a knack for computers, a passion for gaming and a desire to learn programming, consider pursuing a career as a video game designer. 

Video games are more complex than ever before. They often have complicated storylines and realistic-looking backgrounds, characters and animations. As a video game designer, you would be responsible for developing the overall concept of the game, including its plots, storylines and fictitious world. You’ll also work on the coding for the game and you’ll create the user interface.

Much of the work of a video game designer is solitary. However, you will likely need to collaborate in small teams as you work to make the new game ready for market.

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