The Benefits of a Business Minor

College student studying business

Minors can be a helpful asset when pursuing a college degree. They allow students to take courses in more than one field of study and develop their skills in multiple areas.

What Is a Minor in College?

A minor in college is an area of study that students chose to focus on. A minor works with a college major to help students earn a well-rounded education and explore different areas of study.

Some students may choose a minor closely related to their major, such as majoring in finance and minoring in accounting. Other students may choose a minor that is not directly related to their major but interests them, such as majoring in psychology and minoring in entrepreneurial studies.

Is a Minor Worth It?

Often a minor requires taking more classes to graduate, and for that reason you may be wondering if it is worth completing a minor. Minor degrees have many advantages that can be helpful in your field of study.

Business minor degrees give students information and skills that can give an edge in the workplace. Minor courses are designed to allow students to learn as much as they can in a limited number of classes. This is advantageous because employers can see that you spend time studying other skills and that you have unique value you can bring to the workplace.

What Types of Business Minors Are There?

Many different minors fall under the umbrella of business minors. Each one offers a unique skillset and brings a different advantage to your degree. Below are some business minor options:

Minor in Business Analytics

A minor in business analytics can help you whether you are interested in pursing a career in the corporate world or hoping to start your own business. This minor features classes that help students gain an understanding of working with data and how to apply analytics to business. This minor can pair with a business major to add another level of specialization or pair with another major to help round out a program.

Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies

There are many instances in which a minor in entrepreneurial studies can be a wise choice. If you may be interested in starting your own business in the future or developing other companies, this minor can help you prepare and advance your skills. This minor can complement a variety of majors.

Minor in General Business

A minor in general business allows students to graduate with knowledge of business concepts. The skills gained in general business courses can help students gain a variety of jobs after graduation or start a business. For example, if you want to start a dance company, you may choose to major in dance. However, a minor in general business can give you the knowledge you need to be successful as an entrepreneur and start a successful dance business.

Minor in Marketing

Marketing is a powerful tool in business. A marketing minor allows students to take courses that cover topics including consumer behavior, advertising, research and management. As with many of the other minors this business minor can work well with other business minors to help impress employers. 

Minor in Sports Management

A minor in sports management combines business and sports to allow future professionals to learn what it takes to be in sports management. This minor may work in conjunction with business majors as well as with other options. For example, you could major in youth ministry and minor in sports management in order to pursue a career with youth sports teams.

Minor in Hospitality Management

If you are considering a career in hotels and lodging, marketing or food and beverage service and management, a minor in hospitality management is worth investigating. This minor gives you insights into these fields and what it takes to manage in various settings.

Minor in Finance and Economics

Topics such as business finance, accounting, economics, investments and trade are all covered in the courses included in a finance and economics minor. This minor allows students to pursue careers in fields such as banking, insurance and investments. A minor in finance and economics coupled with a major is a solid foundation for many jobs. 

Minor in Business Management

Do you have a heart for leadership? A minor in business management helps to nurture your desire to lead with classes such as Organizational Behavior and Management and Servant Leadership. Along with a business major this minor can allow you to excel in a managerial position. 

Minor in Accounting

A minor in accounting provides insight into a variety of topics. Tax preparation, budgeting, auditing, trusts and job ordering system are all covered within the courses of this minor program. An accounting minor paired with a major can help you meet your career goals. 

Minor in Faith and Free Markets

If you are wondering how to apply a Christian perspective to business, a minor in faith and free markets can be a solid addition to your educational tool belt. Students have the opportunity to take faith-based courses and also business courses that promote ethical practices and leadership.

Finding Your Major

If you have not chosen your major, you may want to start by exploring there. Choosing your major is an important step as it will help you as you enter your career field. Once you have taken this step, you can begin discovering different major and minor combinations. 

Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business offers business minor degree programs that combine with your major to help you get the skills you need to meet your career goals. To learn about GCU, our degree programs and other minor options click on the Request Info button at the top of your screen. 

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