How Can An MBA Degree Benefit Those in Military Jobs?

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The military and corporate business world have more in common than you might think. In both, effective leadership, communication skills, ethical decision-making and critical analysis are essential. That is why some military service members choose to enhance their career qualifications by earning a Masters in Business Administration degree.

An MBA degree can benefit military personnel in many different roles. Let’s take a look at a few military roles where an MBA can be put to good use.

Logistics Officer

Logistics officers are responsible for seeing the big picture. They plan and organize operations, making sure that the right support staff and service members get to their target destinations at the right time. The ultimate goal of a logistics officer is to bring everyone back home safely. They develop plans to support operations and create contingency plans. However, even the best-laid plans can go awry. Therefore, logistics officers also need to be strong problem-solvers and effective team members.

Financial Manager

Some military jobs open to MBA graduates look very similar to civilian jobs. A military financial manager, for example, will perform many of the same functions that a civilian financial manager would. Financial managers are responsible for budgeting, cost analysis and accounting. Their ultimate goal is to support military operations in a financially efficient and prudent manner. Financial managers must have strong communication skills, as they report their findings to senior leadership.

Acquisitions and Contracts Manager

Many military jobs involve emerging technology. Acquisitions and contracts managers are frequently in charge of procurement programs designed to help all branches of the military by investing in the latest technology. These officers develop acquisition programs, analyze purchase requests, analyze costs and expenditures and evaluate the performance of contractors. These MBA graduates must have strong decision-making and negotiation skills.

Business Operations and Management Analyst

A business operations and management analyst helps in improving military operations by applying business expertise. They study current operations, identify and analyze problems and provide solutions that can help improve business efficiencies. MBA graduates are perfect for this military career as they emphasize business strategy and development.

Human Resource Management

Many military members serve as supervisors and understand that the military’s number one resource is its people. Human resource managers are responsible for developing programs and investing in human capital for multiple military departments. These managers must understand the mission and vision of various departments within the service and align the efforts of human resources to achieve success. MBA graduates must be critical-thinkers and strong communicators within this field.

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