Is an MSL Degree Right for You?

Woman with MSL degree leading a team

Do you have a passion for leading others? Do you want to develop your leadership skills? You may be wondering “is a master’s degree in leadership right for me?”

This master’s degree is a business program that empowers you to pursue upper-level positions within organizations, companies and businesses. Continue reading to find out more about a master’s degree in leadership and to discover if this degree could be right for you.

What Is an MSL Degree?

Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) degree is a graduate degree designed to push you to become a better leader and to gain proficiency in skills that will set you up for success in your career. Whether you aspire to manage others in a company or organization or even to start your own business, there is much to gain from a master’s degree in leadership.

A master’s degree in leadership gives important experience in making an impact on your team. This degree program offers enriching courses that connect you with industry professionals and experienced professors. Each class is designed to be of value to both you and your employer after you graduate. Courses include:

  • Leadership and Organizations
  • Leadership Styles and Development
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership Development
  • Acquiring, Developing, and Leveraging Human Capital

Careers With a Master’s Degree in Leadership

A master’s degree in leadership opens up a plethora of career prospects. Employers recognize the time and effort put into earning a master’s degree and expanding knowledge. The experience earned during coursework, combined with the networking opportunities provided by a Master of Science in Leadership makes MSL graduates highly employable.

Some careers that an MSL graduate can pursue include:

  • Chief Executive Officer: A chief executive officer (CEO) is a top executive of a business or company. They have a variety of responsibilities, such as handling operational activities. A master’s degree in leadership can help prepare you to take on such a position of leadership, especially if you decide to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree after graduation.
  • Corporate Trainer: Corporate trainers are tasked with the important job of educating the employees within a company. Whether it be through teaching new strategies or skills, corporate trainers help to improve companies. An MSL degree can give you the necessary skills to train others effectively.
  • General or Regional Manager: If you want to manage a team but are unsure if HR is the right option for you, a general or regional manager is also an option. This job allows graduates to put their leadership abilities to the test and help their company.
  • Supervisor: After developing your leadership style, you may choose to become a supervisor. Supervisors direct employees on how to complete work and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Skills Taught in a Master of Science in Leadership Degree Program

If you want to mature in your skills, a master’s degree is a good first step. In a Master of Science in Leadership degree program you will be furnished with skills that are meant to help you develop your leadership style. The skills you can cultivate in this program include:

  • Servant Leadership: Servant leadership goes beyond leading for personal gain or power. Instead, servant leadership focuses on helping others through effective leadership. Servant leadership also involves seeking improvement, both as a person and as an organization.
  • Management Approaches: Graduates with a master’s degree in leadership will be able to explore a variety of management approaches as well as discover which strategies are efficient for them.
  • Leadership in Various Situations: Leadership does not always look the same. In pursuing an MSL, students learn how to be self-disciplined, lead others, lead an organization and practice applying the Christian worldview to business.
  • Communication: As a leader, being capable of clear and effective communication is important. A business degree gives experience in this area, so you are prepared for communicating well in your field after graduation.
  • Ethical Decision-Making and Problem-Solving: In business, it is important to emphasize ethical decision-making and problem-solving. An MSL degree prepares you to face decisions with an ethical and conscious mindset.

How to Earn Your Master’s Degree

Earning your master’s degree requires time and energy, but the process doesn’t need to be stressful or complex. Here are five steps to completing your master’s degree:

  1. Meet Requirements: The first thing to do before applying to a master’s degree is to make sure you fit the requirements for your program. Do you need to earn a bachelor’s degree or have other experience? Start with these aspects before continuing.
  2. Apply: Once you have decided what school to apply to, your program of study and if you want to take online or evening courses, you should begin your application. Contact an admissions representative from your university for help during this process.
  3. Register and Start Classes: When you are accepted, you can register and start your classes. This is when you start getting into the heart of your program.
  4. Be Dedicated: The fact that you want to earn your master’s degree shows your dedication to growing in leadership. However, it is important to stay dedicated throughout the program and to put your best effort into your studies.
  5. Graduate: Once you have completed all your program requirements, you are an MSL graduate and can begin to reap the benefits of all your hard work.

Similar Degree Options

If you are interested in a master’s degree in leadership but are not sure if it is the right program for you, check out these similar degree programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Leadership: An MBA in leadership is similar to an MSL degree. Both are master’s degrees that focus on leadership. An MBA degree is generally broader than a master’s degree in leadership. However, you can consider earning a dual master’s in leadership with both an MBA and MSL degree.
  • Master of Science in Leadership with an Emphasis in Homeland Security and Emergency Management: This degree is also an MSL degree, but it focuses on Homeland Security and Emergency Management. If you want to learn to lead, but would like to specialize even more, consider a homeland security and emergency management degree.
  • DBA in Management: After completing a master’s degree program, a DBA in management can help leaders to further increase their opportunities and develop their skills.

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