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The College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Grand Canyon University is proud to offer science degrees in a variety of high-demand fields that help prepare you for graduate school, an exciting career and beyond. Each bachelor degree in science helps you gain a strong science foundation in subjects like biology and chemistry while also giving you specialized knowledge to help you succeed after graduation.

You will gain hands-on experience through dynamic classroom environments and in-depth labs while studying on our beautiful Phoenix campus in state-of-the-art classroom buildings. Whether you aspire to conduct forensic investigations, save the planet, help keep others healthy or educate the next generation, we have a degree for you.

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*The Bachelor of Science in Biology program is part of the top five programs for total on-campus enrollment in Fall 2019.

Forensic Science Degree

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GCU's Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science is designed for students who are interested in the analysis, collection and processing of forensic evidence. Students earning a bachelors in forensic science study subjects such as biology, chemistry, toxicology, forensic photography, crime scene reconstruction and processing, physical evidence analysis and DNA identification to prepare for thrilling careers such as crime scene investigator, DNA analyst, forensic evidence processor or laboratory specialist.

  • Scientific analysis of evidence during civil or criminal investigations
  • Helps determine the facts of a case through on-site analysis and the collection of other relevant information
  • Analysis evidence through examinations, tests and other methods
  • Interpretation of findings, including a clear report documenting both methods and results

Environmental Science Degree

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If you dream of protecting our planet via environmental stewardship, then consider GCU's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. Study ecology, environmental law, chemistry and geology, along with risk assessment, remediation strategies and more as part of this exciting program. Your degree will prepare you for a career as an environmental scientist, geoscientist, occupational health specialist, consultant or researcher.

  • The study of trends, issues and relationships in the natural world
  • Focus on the interactions between organisms and other living things
  • Integration of sciences, including biology, ecology, physic, chemistry and more, to study the environment and create solutions to environmental issues
  • Ideal for those who are passionate about preserving our planet and creating sustainable long-term solutions

Exercise Science Degree

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The College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers two Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degrees to help you prepare for a career helping others get into optimal shape. Choose an emphasis in health education to become a strength and conditioning professional, personal trainer or fitness instructor, or prepare to pursue graduate school in areas like kinesiology or health and wellness by choosing our emphasis in sports performance.

  • Focus on improving health and wellness of populations through learning experiences
  • Emphasis on promoting healthy lifestyle changes, with a focus on environments and behaviors that may contribute to bad habits
  • Goal to increase knowledge and health-enhancing skills using a variety of sciences including environmental, psychological, physical and medical

Physical Education Degree

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The Bachelor of Science in Physical Education prepares you to share your passion for sports, recreation, health and wellness with K-12 students. Offered in conjunction with the College of Education, this bachelor’s degree aligns with Interstate Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) principles and follows the national standards for Physical Education Teacher (PETE) established by SHAPE America (the national organization for physical education).

  • Focus on improving physical health and wellness through physical exercise
  • Emphasis on promoting healthy living at an early age
  • Goal to help young students learn the importance of staying active throughout their lifetime
  • Goal to help others gain knowledge and competence about safe movement when performing physical activity

Biology Emphasis Programs

Explore Undergraduate Biology Degrees

GCU's biology emphasis programs are designed to lay the foundation for a successful graduate degree and eventual career in health sciences. Our goal is to help you get ready for the next step. These degrees not only prepare you with essential knowledge to help you succeed, but also fulfill the prerequisite courses required for entrance into a graduate program. Explore our offerings to learn more about what makes our programs unique and why GCU may be the right fit for you.

Bachelor's in Biochemistry

If you have a mind for science and a desire to work in the biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, then GCU's Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology degree is a great choice. In this degree program, you can gain a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, physical and life sciences, physics, genetics, pharmacology and more, with a curriculum that prepares students for competitive entry into graduate research programs.

Science Degrees for Education

For those who aspire to educate the next generation while still pursuing their passion in science, GCU offers biology and chemistry degrees for secondary education. These degrees are offered in conjunction with the College of Education to provide both a strong foundation in science knowledge along with the skills necessary to become a highly effective educator. If you want to teach at the middle school or high school level, then these science degrees were designed with you in mind.

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Campus Experience

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GCU's main campus in the heart of sunny Phoenix has everything you need to make your college experience one of the best of your life. Explore our amenities, including new dorms and pools, to find out more.

STEM Programs

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GCU's College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers a variety of STEM degree programs, research initiatives and advising services to help you take full advantage of your university experience.

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