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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Offered By: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Spanish at GCU

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish degree program at GCU prepares students for meaningful careers as Spanish interpreters or translators. Native and non-native Spanish speakers alike will grow their love of the Spanish language into an exciting career. GCU graduates who earn their bachelor’s degree in Spanish can go on to help enhance communication in professional settings, build relationships between colleagues across the globe and help deliver important information across cultural barriers.

Degree Requirements for a BA in Spanish

This BA in Spanish program is designed to help students build on their language skills for the duration of their coursework. The progression goes like this:

  • 100-level Courses
    Focus on basic language and conversation skills. Students work on all aspects of language development, including listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • 200-level Courses
    The second level helps students focus on the productive language skills of speaking and writing. Students additionally learn how to apply grammar, expand their vocabulary and learning about Spanish culture.
  • 300-level Courses
    At this point, students have the competency to apply language in conversation. Grammar accuracy and structure are also well-developed during these courses. The coursework at this level supports students in using language to understand cultural differences.
  • 400-level Courses
    BA Spanish students at this level learn about applying their language skills in a professional capacity. Additionally, a capstone project requires students to translate works in medical, legal, business and educational fields in both Peninsular Spanish and Latin American dialects.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Spanish

There are many benefits to graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. Students who study foreign language learn:

  • Active communication skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Historical perspectives
  • Ethical responsibility

They apply these skills to jobs as interpreters and translators. This bachelor’s degree in Spanish, can lead to careers with various types of organizations in need of translators, including:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Christian organizations
  • Government entities
  • Private enterprises
  • Criminal justice

A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish will ensure that you have the foundational skills to work anywhere that translation and interpretation is needed. Your interest and proficiency in Spanish language and culture can make a world of difference for future employers. Join us in the BA in Spanish degree program at GCU.

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Total Program Credits: 120
Campus: 15 weeks
Up to 90 credits, only 84 can be lower division
Campus: $8,250 per semester [More Info]

Course List

The programs offered at Grand Canyon University may vary by content and course length. You are currently viewing the program version available in Arizona. For information about specific course content, credit length and VA approval in your state, please contact a counselor at 1-855-GCU-LOPE or click here to request more information.
General Education Requirements:
34-40 credits
44 credits
Open Elective Credits:
36-42 credits
Total Degree Requirements:
120 credits

General Education Requirements

General Education coursework prepares Grand Canyon University graduates to think critically, communicate clearly, live responsibly in a diverse world, and thoughtfully integrate their faith and ethical convictions into all dimensions of life. These competencies, essential to an effective and satisfying life, are outlined in the General Education Learner Outcomes. General Education courses embody the breadth of human understanding and creativity contained in the liberal arts and sciences tradition. Students take an array of foundational knowledge courses that promote expanded knowledge, insight, and the outcomes identified in the University’s General Education Competencies. The knowledge and skills students acquire through these courses serve as a foundation for successful careers and lifelong journeys of growing understanding and wisdom.

Program Core Courses

Course Description

This course further builds Spanish vocabulary and language structure. Oral practice, short compositions, textbook readings, and cultural activities are stressed. Will include some study of Spanish-language cultures. Prerequisite: SPA-105.

Course Description

This course continues to build on vocabulary, language structure, oration and composition skills. Will include some study of Spanish-language cultures. Prerequisite: SPA-214.

Course Description

This course helps students speak with fluency and standard pronunciation, to develop facility in the language, and to become conversant with culture, common expression, and everyday usage. This course includes some study of Spanish-language cultures. Prerequisite: SPA-224.

Course Description

This writing-intensive course helps the student express a wide range of style in writing: description, narration, persuasion, comparison/contrast, and dialogue through careful drafting and editing of content, grammar, and orthography. Will include some study of Spanish-language cultures. Prerequisite: SPA-224.

Course Description

This course is designed to discuss and analyze contemporary events and issues in the Spanish-speaking world. Prerequisite: SPA-309.

Course Description

This writing-intensive course provides an introduction to literary concepts, terminology, and theory with application to poetic, dramatic, and prose texts. This course includes some study of Spanish-language cultures. Prerequisite: SPA-310.

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the historical evolution of translation and interpretation across cultures. It offers important information on the function and feasibility in both fields. Prerequisite: SPA-310.

Course Description

This course introduces practical terminology and professional language in everyday, on-the-job situations from a cross-cultural perspective. Prerequisite: SPA-310.

Course Description

This course explores various software used to aid translators and interpreters to work faster and more accurately. Prerequisite: SPA-310.

Course Description

This course further explores practical terminology and professional language in everyday, on-the-job situations from a cross-cultural perspective in various professional fields.

Course Description

This course provides an opportunity to produce multiple major works of translation in the areas of: Medical, Legal, Business, and Educational Spanish in both Peninsular and Latin American dialects. This capstone course needs to be completed at the end of program. Prerequisites: SPA-410 and SPA-420.

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