Top 5 Reasons to Earn a Business Degree

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Today’s rising gig economy and rapid ascent of successful self-made entrepreneurs has led to increased interest in business degrees at universities across the country. With talented competition sprouting in all areas and industries, making it big in the business world is not an easy task. To be successful, you need a background in both theory and practice. Earning a business degree can give you that solid foundation and prepare you for success.

Here are the top five reasons to pursue a business degree.

1. Transferable Skills

While earning a business degree, you learn skills that are transferable to just about any career. Whether you stay in business or transition to something else down the road, you will learn principles that will help you become a great employee or, potentially, employer.

In addition to developing essential skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, you will improve your writing, understanding of data and ability to work with people.

2. Flexible Career Options 

Earning a degree in business is also valuable because you can personalize your career path. When you earn a business degree, you are not stuck in one industry or role. You can become an entrepreneur who owns an art studio, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a personal financial advisor who helps individuals manage their finances.

With the skills acquired through a business degree program, you will be comfortable in whichever career path you choose to pursue.

3. Global Perspective

Business degree students study a worldwide economy. They study international topics because of the important role business plays on a global scale. Business students develop good leadership, decision-making and international business management skills. Business degree graduates can travel overseas and work internationally with the skills that they acquire.

Additionally, business allows you to connect and communicate with people from all over the world, ensuring that you stay focused on having a multicultural and global perspective.

4. Easily Combined With Other Degrees

Because you can go into business and work in just about any field, a business degree is worth it for people who are looking to double major. If you are a musician, artist or teacher wanting to eventually turn your passions or other career interests into a business, earning your business degree makes a lot of sense.

For example, you may want to share your passion for music with others through your own teaching studio. You will be able to reach your goals faster when you have the academic foundation in both areas.

5. Balance of Theory and Practice

A business degree is not like other degrees that focus solely on theory or practice. Instead, business students get a nice balance of both theoretical information and practical experience. Generally, business degree programs devote about half of the coursework to theories and models, with the other half focused on practically applying the theories. This prepares students to meet their business goals after graduation.

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