GCU’s Online MBA: Emphasis Areas, Part 1

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Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business offers a number of unique emphases within the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. In this blog, we will explore several of these emphases. Keep reading to see if one our online MBA programs is right for you.


The online MBA with an emphasis in accounting focuses on the principles of bookkeeping and the practices that support financial stability in business. The program includes a broad range of business topics such as finance, economics, and marketing, before diving into the advanced concepts of accounting. Students participate in class discussions to expand their overall knowledge and examine execution approaches within organizations in the global marketplace. Students who complete this program are prepared to compete for advanced management positions in corporate or public accounting. Options often include becoming a chief financial officer, VP of accounting or a senior accountant.


The MBA with an emphasis in finance program incorporates advanced coursework in organizational decision-making, resource sourcing and financial planning. Students become critical thinkers through researching and exploring advanced business strategies while examining stocks, bonds, and derivatives. In addition, research involving the application of quantitative methods is also heavily integrated into the curriculum. This online MBA prepares professionals for careers in leadership and management. Upon graduation, students will have the advanced skillset to become a financial manager, consultant, director or manager.

Health Systems Management

The health systems management online MBA includes an in-depth evaluation of healthcare in the 21st century, while including business topics such as finance, economics and marketing. In addition, with a curriculum developed from the context of GCU’s Christian heritage, students are encouraged to practice and sustain ethical healthcare practices. After completing this program, graduates may enter into leadership roles in medical or business organizations. Examples include a chief operations officer or vice president of healthcare services.


The online MBA in leadership teaches students how to conduct and build a successful business, while effectively leading a team. As students navigate through the challenging coursework and engage in class discussions, they gain skills and traits that effectively drive change, production, and growth within a business. The program encourages students to create an interdependent productive system by acting as a supportive servant leader. To achieve this goal, students study leadership communication strategies that build strong teams, develop an organizational culture and run a highly functional business. Graduates of this program find careers as corporate executives, managers or directors in business organizations.

Grand Canyon University provides students with the opportunity to earn a degree online or by taking evening classes. To learn more about the benefits that GCU’s MBA programs have to offer, visit our website.

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