What Jobs Can You Get with a Behavioral Health Science Degree?

A counselor talking with a patient

Students who are interested in human behavior, especially in a clinical- or health-related setting may seek a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science. During the program, students will study behavioral health concepts related to addiction and substance abuse, counseling, group dynamics and human development. Behavior health science programs will also cover current trends, best practices and up-to-date research findings.

Graduates from behavioral health science programs can look forward to a job market that has several options. Here are some jobs that a degree in behavioral health science can lead to.

Behavior Specialist

A behavior specialist is a professional who works with people who have disabilities or problems with behavior and learning impairment in social settings. Behavior specialists most often work for government organizations. They may also be employed by schools and nonprofits. They help clients by providing treatment for mental health, motivational support and substance abuse issues.

Mental Health Aide

Many inmates do not receive the mental health support that they need. Prison or correctional counselors can make a big difference in helping in the rehabilitation process. Someone with a degree who works in a prison can aid inmates in understanding their actions and reactions and finding safer and peaceful solutions. Prison counselors work with inmates to find ways to manage mental health issues with the hopes that they will become productive members of society upon release.

Social Services Provider

Students with a behavioral health science degree may find work in Social Services offices. These services might be provided by the government, private or nonprofit organization. The purpose of Social Services is to impact communities positively by promoting equality and opportunity. A student with this degree may work with individuals and or families to help improve their well-being. They may provide individual assessment or life skills group sessions.

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