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Theology Thursday: What Are the Biblical Covenants?

The Bible can be difficult to understand. The concept of Covenant provides the framework of the biblical story and can provide the key to understanding its meaning.

How to Transfer into a New Doctoral Degree

Transferring into a new doctoral degree program can be confusing. Read this article for some tips on how to complete a smooth and easy transfer.

What You Need to Know About Vegan Athletes

Are you an athlete interested in going vegan? Here is some information on vegan athletes to help you make a decision:

How to Lead in Business So Others Will Follow

Business leaders have a lot on their plates. They are constantly involved in organizational politics, succession planning and in-depth analyses of their business. They must be able to work with...

Weaving Social Justice into the Classroom

The term “social justice” is subject to various definitions and interpretations. Its broadest possible definition is that of a society that grants no special privileges, nor subjects to oppression,...

Dear Theophilus: Should We Believe Our Religion Is Best?

Is it okay to think your religion is better than all others? This article helps you learn how to approach your beliefs and the beliefs of others.

Should I Get a Master's Degree?

Pursuing a master’s degree is an important landmark in fields that require a high level of expertise. But before deciding whether or not you should earn one, it is important to know what a master’s...

5 Jobs You Can Pursue With a Screenwriting Degree

Learn about five difference job and career opportunities you can pursue with a screenwriting degree from GCU's College of Fine Arts and Production.

Lessons in Leadership From History

Read about some of the great leaders that you may study in a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program.

Internet Infrastructure: What Do I Need to Know?

Few things in human history have brought people together in the way the Internet has. Nobody owns the Internet. It’s a vast collection of countless networks, coming together from all over the world....

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