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Theology Thursday: Redemption

In the Bible, salvation can be described and explained using a variety of images or metaphors. As we might admire a diamond by looking at it from different angles and under different light, the...

Theology Thursday: Expiation

The New Testament teaches—and Christians experience confirms—a dynamic and subjective experience with Jesus our Lord is both real and personal (Ephesians 6:24). Even more importantly, the Christian...

Evening and Online PhD in General Psychology

Earning a PhD in General Psychology will open up doors to many different fields. You can choose an emphasis in several different fields, making each learner’s experience unique. The PhD in General...

How Health Care Administrators Protect Workplace Safety

Every work environment has potential hazards and every employer is responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect worker health and safety. In medical centers, this responsibility belongs to...

Top 8 Qualities of Effective Early Educators

At Grand Canyon University, the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree helps prepare graduates to find roles as highly-qualified kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers. The degree...

7 Fields in Psychology You Might Want to Specialize In

Psychologists study the mind and behavior, but they take different approaches. Learn about 7 subfields in psychology you might want to specialize in:

Why Do We Multitask?

College students are virtually always doing two things at once – if the notes are out, the TV’s on, and practically every student is guilty of writing an essay while simultaneously listening to...

Topics in GCU’s Bachelor Of Science In Forensic Science Program

If you love the idea of analyzing evidence and wish to pursue a scientific, investigative career, then Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science may be the ideal degree...

Weekly Devotional: When You're Overwhelmed, Turn to the Lord

During your college career there will be times where you will feel stressed and overwhelmed with everything, whether its school work, your job, your relationships or all of the above.

Evening and Online EdD in Organizational Leadership

Learn about Grand Canyon University's Evening and Online EdD in Organizational Leadership degree, along with its many emphases:

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