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Why You Should Become a History Teacher

Consider how a fascination with fictional stories may be a great reason for you to become a history teacher.

College Kitchen Essentials

Every college needs to eat, learn more about the real kitchen essentials a college student's kitchen needs to succeed.

Tips for Encouraging Quiet Students in Theatre

Learn about the way quiet students can still thrive in a theatre environment with encouraging exercises.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: Best Practices to Know

Learn more about the best practices for cybersecurity risk and how to disarm potential threats.

Weekly Devotional: Goal Setting Is Important For Keeping Your Faith

Learn more about how goal setting can take your faith to the next level. Explore how goals can help keeping your faith while in college.

Theology Thursday: Sanctification

What does it mean to be sanctified? Rob Krise discusses this in this week’s Theology Thursday. Check it out here:

3 Tips to Thrive in a Doctoral Program

Pursuing a doctorate program is a rigorous long-term commitment. The following three tips will help you thrive as a learner throughout your program.

How a Good Leader Prepares to Have a Difficult Conversation

There are a lot of positive aspects to being a business leader. That is why many people choose to earn their Master of Science in Leadership degree at Grand Canyon University. Leading a team of people...

5 Book Selection Strategies for Your Classroom

When it comes to selecting texts that are just right for students, educators want to ensure that the texts will not only promote student learning and engagement, but also help students find enjoyment...

Dear Theophilus: Is Halloween Evil?

Is Halloween Evil? We discuss this topic in this week’s Dear Theophilus. Check it out here:

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