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5 Jobs You Can Pursue with a Screenwriting Degree

Are you interested in pursuing a screenwriting degree? Check out these 5 screenwriting jobs you can get:

How Business Grads Prep for Job Interviews

After earning your business degree, you probably feel like you also have a major in networking. Being a business major means that you know how to work with people and you know how to present your best...

Dear Theophilus: How Were People Saved Before Jesus?

How were people saved before Jesus? Check out this blog post to find out:

Tips for Getting an Online Elementary Education Degree

Grand Canyon University offers convenient, online degree programs to help students achieve their educational goals. One of these programs, the College of Education's Bachelor of Science in Elementary...

Should I Go Back to School?

Thinking about going back to school? Here are a few things you should keep in mind when making the decision about furthering your education. Check it out here!

A Day in the Life of a Clinical Psychologist

Find out what psychologists really do all day—from meeting new patients to blogging about mental health. Earn your BS in Psychology at GCU.

Cyber Security Jobs

Are you interested in cybersecurity but unsure about what path to take? Here are different career paths that you could take in the cybersecurity sector. Chief Information Security Officer As a Chief...

Weekly Devotional: Ways To Spread Kindness

“May the LORD now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.” – 2 Samuel 2:6 Our world today is full of unkind people and difficult...

Theology Thursday: Transcendence

What does transcendence mean? Amanda Jenkins explains it all in this week’s Theology Thursday. Check it out here:

C-Suite Positions and the DBA

C-Suite Positions and the Doctor of Business Administration are closely associated. Learn more about the kinds of positions that a DBA can prepare you for.

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